Peg Duthie - poetry and fiction

Peg Duthie: poetry and fiction, 2010 - 2015


"From a Mermaid Mama." First Class Literary Magazine, 9 March 2015.
"O Clouds Unfold." Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, 23 February 2015.
"lining up." Poetry Storehouse, 22 November 2014.
"Ballad Breath." Stone Telling 11, 2014.
"Five Finger Frustration." unFold, 26 June 2014.
"Spelling 'For Worse.'" Goblin Fruit, Winter 2014. Reprinted in The 2015 Rhysling Anthology.
"With Light-Years Come Heaviness." Eye to the Telescope, April 2013. Reprinted in How to Live on Other Planets (Upper Rubber Boot, 2015).
"Featured Poet No. 33: Peg Duthie" at The Houseboat, 14 September 2014: an interview, photos, and the poems "Beyond," "Cinnamon," "Hidden Seasons," "Re-collection," "For the Advancement of Happiness," "The Necessity of Self-Preservation," "Steering sans Satellite," "Hoards," "The Lies We Are Fine With," and "Framework."
"Proportions." UU World, August 2013. Also in the Summer 2013 print issue. Reprinted from Measured Extravagance.
"Clinging." Escape Into Life, August 2013.
"Remnant." Escape Into Life, May 2013.
"Making Rice Dance" and "Even an Empty Life Can Hold Water." Inkscrawl 6, August 2013.
"Sweet 16th" and "Novecento." Alimentum's Menupoems 2013 collection.
Five poems at Escape Into Life, with illustrations by Karin Miller. June 2012.
"A Critic Writes Poems: Five Poems by Peg Duthie." Galatea Resurrects 18, May 2012. Measured Extravagance (electronic chapbook, Upper Rubber Boot Books, 2012).
"A Multitude of Sorrows" and "Good Morning" at Houseboat, March 2012.
"free from school." tinywords, 7 July 2010. (Hungarian translation in the comments!)
"Story Book-ends," a collaboration (sonnets and calligraphy) with Mary Alexandra Agner, at Blue Print Review, April 2011.
"the hem of my dress...." tinywords, 16 June 2010. (Hungarian translation in the comments!)
"snatched by the wind..." tinywords, 11 June 2010. (Hungarian translation in the comments!)
"The Wailing Well" (text and audio). Goblin Fruit, Spring 2010. Reprinted in Dwarf Stars 2010 (SFPA, 2011).
"By Way of Sorrow." Strange Horizons, 11 January 2010.

Some of these poems are available for remixing at Poetry Storehouse. I plan to provide audio for all my pieces there.

In print

Two toasts in Toasts: The Perfect Words to Celebrate Every Occasion (Viva, 2014).
"Texas Instruments." In The 2015 Texas Poetry Calendar (Dos Gatos, 2014).
"Even an Empty Life Can Hold Water," "Making Rice Dance," and "Newest Amsterdam." Reprinted in the 2014 Dwarf Stars Anthology.
"Watching Pain(t) Dry." In Overplay/Underdone (Medusa's Laugh, 2013).
"Newest Amsterdam." Dreams and Nightmares 95, May 2013. "The Bed I Haven't Made." STAR*LINE, April 2013.
Two haiku and two haiga in Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku & Haiga (Dos Gatos, 2012).
"Prayer for Perspective." In Say a Little Prayer: A Journal (Chronicle, 2011).
"Goose Goose Duck." In -gape-seed- (Uphook Press, 2011).
"Drop," "Portion," and "Assignment." #10 in the "Hay(na)ku for Haiti" series of pocket-sized booklets published by Open Palm Press ($3 per copy; all proceeds donated to Haiti relief efforts).
"Evolution." Reprinted in Dwarf Stars 2009.
"Prospecting." In the 2010 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar. There are also poems in How to Live on Other Planets.


Via unFold:
"Your Mother, Weeping," 7 April 2014
"Three Days before Payday," 4 April 2014
"creasing the statement," 10 April 2013
""Hide" (with photo), 1 October 2012
"The Season So Long" (with photo), 4 May 2012
"Tacky" (with photo), 3 May 2012
"Lickety-Split" (with photo), 2 May 2012
"Talking Back at Oprah," 18 March 2011
"Not Yet Clear," 15 February 2011
"Rattle," 15 February 2011
"G(ood)litter," 15 February 2011
"Attached," 12 November 2010
"Eggplants for Elvis," 10 November 2010
"The Pastry Chef's Dream," 8 November 2010
"The Silence of Too Much to Say," 24 September 2010

At Pic Fic:
"Retreat" (prompted by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin's Via dei Condotti), 14 June 2010,
and 13 other pieces

At microcosms:
Three pieces in 2011.
16 June 2010
10 May 2010
23 April 2010
13 April 2010

At 7x20:
"Hari-Kuyo," 9 February 2015 / bio
"a breath to clean" and four more pieces, week of 16 January 2015
"the resident ghost," 28 October 2014
"dicing up," 27 October 2014 / bio
"infection or age," 15 September 2014
Two pieces in 2013.
"Holidays on shoestrings," 6 April 2012.
Three pieces in 2011.
1 April 2010 / bio
12 February 2010 / bio
11 February 2010 / bio
10 February 2010 / bio
9 February 2010 / bio
8 February 2010 / bio

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